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2 quick questions

I don't quite understand the silver paint. Do you paint, say an orchid... and then fire it?

If so, can you it with seashells and seahorses?

Also, I found the firing times for PMC with a torch (thanks to a link I found in here).

As a convenience, here are those recommended times:

PMC+1650° F for at least 10 minutes OR
1560° F for at least 20 minutes OR
1470° F for at least 30 minutes
PMC31650° F for 3 minutes OR
1290° F for at least 10 minutes OR
1200° F for at least 210 minutes OR
1110° F for at least 45 minutes

Are these the same for the AC 650? It's not the slow dry kind.

Sorry for being so stupid with this... this is my first project. If all goes well, I will be making more.

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