n0_one (n0_one) wrote in silverclayart,

Hi. I'm new here!

I just made my first piece today.... well... I molded it. It's drying right now.

I have a question, Can I use screen instead the special netting?

FireMountain Gems didn't carry the netting, and the Art Clay website wanted to charge me $17 for a $4 item!

I will be sure to show you when I'm all done! :)

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For what? I don't understand your question. For drying? Firing?
For firing. Sorry, I forgot to add that! *headdesk*
Kiln? Hot pot? :)
The net that ACW sells is for stove-top firing.

I've never fired on my stove-top, but I don't see why one could not use a stainless steel screen for stovetop firing so long as it is pure stainless steel.

yes, for the stove-top. I think I have some SS screen. I will double check.

Thank you!
Just make sure it is stainless steel. Many other metals, especially aluminum, will ruin silver. Good luck!